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This website is intended to serve as the repository of all online promotional activities through various contents and links. Anyone and everyone can post anything and everything as long as it does not infringe the privacy and security of others or it does not fall as illegal under any means at any location whatsoever. The website although gives an open platform however, it captures the basic information of its users so as to protect the interest of everyone and the portal can reach back to you in case of eventualities. The portal does not guarantee the content and link of posted on it as users are free to post anything and everything depending on their discrepancies and it is up to the users and viewers to judge and take the contents posted on it.

The portal does not share any contact details with anyone for any purpose and it never misuses any contact in any manner although the portal is equally susceptible to outside threat beyond its control including hacking, piracy and natural calamities where the portal has nothing to do with and is helpless. The portal does not guarantee its uptime on round the clock basis and does not guarantee your posts always and it reserves its right to keep posted, remove, block any content or user as per its sole discretion and no one will have any right over it. By logging into the portal, you abide by and agree to all the terms and its policies which keep on changing from time to time and are posted on the portal which you are required to keep on checking on regular basis.

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