The powertrac tractors belong to the Escorts group. Escorts group performs operations in the area of agriculture machinery, construction, railway equipment, and material handling equipment. The brand established in India in the year 1944. Hari prasad Nanda and Yudi Nanda established it. The Escorts Agri Machinery started manufacturing tractors in the year 1960 under the three brands names Powertrac, Farmtrac, and escort. The first escort tractor was launched in the year 1965. The company tied up with Ford tractors in 1969 which was later bought by New Holland India. At present, there is no relationship between both brands as the agreement breached in the year 1995.

Powertrac brand emerged out in the year 1998. The company’s headquarters is in Haryana with Nikhil Nanda as the chairman and Managing director of the company. The Company has four manufacturing units in Faridabad, India. One abroad manufacturing plant is located in Poland.

Powertrac not only manufactures tractors, but it has many other agricultural products in its production house. The company undergoes various experiences during its innovative journey. The aim is to produce an efficient and Powerful tractor for Indian farmers. It became successful to a great extent in achieving so.

The ultimate goal is to gain customer satisfaction for this it established a knowledge Management Centre in 1976. The main objective of this center is to produce world-class level tractors through different breakthroughs.


The vision of the company for the coming two years is to produce standard and lead Indian farm machines that become a helping tool for our farmers and to occupy the challenging second position among the best tractor companies in India. So this is the brief history and information about its mission and vision. The mission is to aid the farmers in every single way through their innovative designs and efficient manufacturing. The Vision of the company also talks about customer welfare only. Therefore, the powertrac brands of tractors are there to help you out thoroughly and the fascinating history of the company supports the same cause.

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Annual Financial Growth

In the financial year 2018-2019, 76.6% of the total revenue of the company came from its agri-machinery sector. The company witnessed an 11.7% growth rate from the previous fiscal year as the company’s revenue was:

₹ 5016.0 crores in 2017-18, it has successfully reached to Rs.6196.4 crores in 201 8-19. In fact, due to its persisting efforts to produce something fresh and relevant, it has managed to have a satisfactory growth percentage in the previous five years.

The debt-equity ratio of the company in the financial year 2018-2019 was 0.09, which is pretty low for such a big company. It is low because of the good market capitalization, which is about 58.3%.