Moistreet adds another abaya in it’s new arrival collection – Black Textured Abaya with Collar and Puff Sleeve. This 3-piece set includes a black textured abaya with collar and puff sleeve. Comes with an underdress. This is instantly noticeable when looking at this eye-catching Collar and Puff Sleeve. Update your collection with this designer abaya and it has soft  & breathable fabric. It will give you a very elegant and sophisticated look. This is our one of the latest abaya designs. Available in all sizes. Moistreet brings you abayas with the right blend of an authentic abaya style and modern trends. Look elegant and sophisticated with the classic feel of a black abaya dress. The breathable material of light jacquard makes it comfortable for any occasion. You can dress this during the hot summer days and the chilly winter ones as well because this abaya in uae allows you to feel airy for summers and to remain cocooned in the winters. Our modern abayas come in a wide range of sizes such as XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL to name a few. Pick your next abaya online from Moistreet.